Community Foundation Recognizes Music and Dance Scholars

FREDERICK, MD – October 27, 2016: Youth studying music and dance were recently recognized as recipients of scholarships totaling $9,888 from The Muse.Storm.Guss Music and Waters Dance PR.smallCommunity Foundation of Frederick County.

The Courtney Muse Music Scholarship aids middle and high school student in Frederick County pursuing vocal or instrumental performance. Scholarships were provided to: Josh Burgoon, Bekah Burgoon, Leila Ghaffari, Abigail Haffey, Delaney Heurich, Dylan Jacobson, Avery Jacobson, Logan Jacobson, Kristina Kaarid, Kayla Larco, Isabella Marchena, Abigail Moser, Danielle Peterson-Canady, Benjamin Smith, Nathaniel Wachter, and Lydia Whitmore.

The Guss Family Scholarship for the Arts supports development of vocal and or/instrumental skills for Frederick County students. Scholarships were provided to: Amelia Claire Smith and Torrell Winston.

The Sperry L. Storm Memorial Scholarship Fund assists Frederick County Public School students pursuing vocal or instrumental performance. Scholarships were provided to: Joseph Brittain, Alexis Duda, Lyra Garrett, Corinne Heurich, and Chasie Thompson.

The Thomas L. Waters Memorial Dance Scholarship assists students enrolled in dance instruction in a Frederick County dance school or company. A scholarship was provided to Elena Bueno.

Pictured, front row, left to right: Delaney Heurich, Isabella Marchena, Corinne Heurich, Claire
Smith, Chasie Thompson. Back row, left to right: Leila Ghaffari, Lyra Garrett, Kristina Kaarid, Elena Bueno, Lydia Whitmore, Nathaniel Wachter, Benjamin Smith, and Colleen Chidester, Community Foundation Trustee.

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