District 8, Maryland Nurses Association Scholarship Presented

FREDERICK, MD – July 18, 2016: The first scholarship from The District 8, Maryland Nurses Association Scholarship Fund has been presented to Pamela District 8.MD Nurses Scholar.smallManstof. The fund is one of more than 675 component funds of The Community Foundation of Frederick County.

The fund was founded by District 8, Maryland Nurses Association to provide post-secondary scholarships to registered nurses pursuing a Bachelor of Science or higher degree in nursing. Ms. Manstof is a 2008 graduate of Urbana High School and will be attending Frostburg State University. Pictured, back row, left to right are District 8, Maryland Nurses Association representatives: Maureen Lal, Mary Beachley, and Karen Bream. Also pictured is Daniel Tregoning, Esq., Community Foundation trustee. Front row, left to right: Deborah Disbrow and Barb Kemerer, District 8 representatives; Ms. Manstof; Sandy Vegh and Valerie Ziegler, District 8 representatives. For the 2016-17 academic year, the Community Foundation has provided more than $1 million for post-secondary and vocational training

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