Strategic Grant Partners Impact Health Care, School-Readiness, and Housing

FREDERICK, MD – May 5, 2015: Driven by a desire to make a difference in the lives of Frederick County residents who need access to health care,StratPartners.resized those newly homeless or precariously housed, and school-readiness for children, representatives from local organizations and donor-advised funds, as well as individuals making direct contributions recently partnered with The Community Foundation of Frederick County to impact its FY2015 strategic grantsmaking in these areas.

In the area of housing and homelessness, Heartly House received grants from The FoodPro CORP Fund and The Frederick Giving Project Fund. The FoodPro CORP Fund also provided grants to Frederick Rescue Mission and Gale Recovery. In addition, grants from The Samuel W. and Joan J. Barrick Fund, The Steve and PJ Barger Family Fund, The David and Kay Stauffer Fund, The Jack V. Leishear Endowment Fund, The Marion D. and Alice E. Carmack Endowment Fund, and a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Alfred P. Shockley to The Basic Human Needs Strategic Initiatives Fund supported Advocates for Homeless Families, Frederick Rescue Mission, Gale Recovery, and Heartly House.

Grants supporting school-readiness for children were provided to YMCA of Frederick County Headstart from The FoodPRO CORP Fund and The PNC Fund. Family Partnership of Frederick County Bright Futures Program received a grant from The Kiwanis Club of Suburban Frederick Fund. In addition, grants from The Joan Hendrickson Fund, The Steve and PJ Barger Family Fund, and a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hooper to The Children and Youth Strategic Initiatives Fund supported C. Burr Artz Library, Family Partnership of Frederick County Bright Futures Program, and YMCA of Frederick County Headstart.

Access to health care was supported with a grant from The Norman W., Edna V., and Dorothy L. Etzler Memorial Fund to Lions Club of Frederick. Grants from The Robert and Ardeth Moler Family Fund, The Steve and PJ Barger Family Fund, The Samuel W. and Joan J. Barrick Fund, The Jack V. Leishear Endowment Fund, and Harold Wright memorial gifts to The Health Care Strategic Initiatives Fund supported Mental Health Association of Frederick County, Mission of Mercy, Rotary Club of Frederick, Seton Center, The Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Needs, Gale Recovery, and Trinity Pastoral Counseling Center.

"We are so grateful to these funding partners for supporting and adding to the Community Foundation's strategic grantsmaking," said Elizabeth Y. Day, President and CEO. "This support allowed the Grants Committee to allocate additional monies in each of the strategic grant areas, resulting in more people receiving critical services. The long-term impact is significant."

The Community Foundation's strategic grantsmaking initiatives began in 2011, when a community human needs assessment was conducted by the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance – Jacob France Institute of the University of Baltimore, with the Johns Hopkins Institute for Policy Studies, to determine the most pressing needs in Frederick County. From this report, the Community Foundation Board of Trustees analyzed the data and determined the areas in which it would focus its efforts. FY2015 is the fourth consecutive year of grant support in these areas. For more details about the human needs assessment report and strategic grantsmaking, please visit More information about how the Community Foundation impacts Frederick County can be found at

Individuals or businesses interested in supporting the Community Foundation's FY2016 strategic grantsmaking as a strategic funding partner is invited to contact the Community Foundation office at 301-695-7660.

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