Deidre Blakemore-Inman

Blakemore.webNo matter what choices a person makes in life, a key factor in their success is having the motivation to succeed in spite of obstacles, personal difficulties, and any other diversions life throws in their way. According to Deirdre Blakemore-Inman, a non-traditional student who graduated in 2004 from Hood College with honors (magna cum laude), "even though I was motivated to succeed, none of my accomplishments would have been possible without the scholarship assistance I received."

She is the recipient of The Alden E. and Harriet K. Fisher Scholarship, and a two-time recipient of The Engelbrecht-DeGrange Scholarship. She has also earned a Master of Arts in Spanish Language and Literature from Hood College.
After finding herself a single mother with four children, Deirdre needed to obtain additional education so she could have a career and earn a living. While at FCC, her aptitude for language became evident, and upon transferring to Hood College, she decided to major in Spanish. One of the highlights of Deidre's time at Hood College was being asked to participate in an honor's course to translate the 19th century crime novelette, "La gota de sangre" to English. She then presented her translation by reading the novelette in English and in Spanish to attendees at the American Literary Translator's College conference in Chicago. "Professors at FCC and Hood gave me many opportunities that I thought would be reserved for young students, not non-traditional, older students like me," said Deirdre.
Deirdre has been a teacher at St. John's Catholic Prep in Buckeystown since 2004, teaching all levels of Spanish, including AP and Honors classes, and is now Department Chair. During her tenure with St. John's, she has developed curricula for students with special learning needs, expanded the Spanish course offerings to include culture and literature, implemented a travel abroad program for students, and launched the International Club. She is a mentor to countless students in countless ways, and one of her students, Austin Rose, recently translated a brochure into Spanish that highlights services available to the Hispanic community in Frederick County, with Deirdre's guidance.
Her enthusiasm for teaching and her love and compassion towards her students is evident when she talks about her work. "I don't want to be anyplace else," Deirdre said. "My job is one where I can make a difference every day, and I am very aware of how lucky I am. Many doors opened for me, and eventually to some of my students, due solely to the forethought and generosity of those people who dedicate themselves to the programs offered by the Community Foundation. I am eternally thankful, and ever mindful of what a wonderful gift my life has become."
Her advice to her students is "put yourself out there, because people don't come knocking on your door with offers to help. But if you go even part of the way, people will help you, and you'll succeed."

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