Human Needs Assessment Report

As part of the Community Foundation's 3-year strategic plan, the Board of Trustees embarked on conducting a collaborative community needs assessment in the fall of 2010. The goals were multifaceted. Trustees and staff were often stymied when donors asked about the most urgent community needs and how they could help, because there were no solid answers. Existing local studies contained a marketing focus and did not address gaps and overlaps in human services, or access to services by geographic area. The Board of Trustees also wanted to find ways to provide the greatest positive community impact through its grantsmaking and scholarship programs. The human needs assessment now allows a realignment of current grantsmaking into a proactive, needs-based grantsmaking process that is strategically purposed.

The research was conducted by the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance - Jacob France Institute of the University of Baltimore, with the Johns Hopkins Institute for Policy Studies. The research covered all areas of human services within Frederick County and paid particular attention to the areas of health, children's issues and basic human needs. Benchmarks are being created that will allow the Community Foundation to track and measure the impact of the new strategic grantsmaking.

The Community Foundation Board of Trustees has analyzed the human needs assessment data, and determined three areas within the areas of health, children, and basic human needs where it will focus its strategic grantsmaking efforts over the next decade. Details can be found in the Human Needs Assessment Executive Summary and the complete Human Needs Assessment Report. Links to both documents are below.

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This project would not have been possible without our funding partners. Because of their commitment to creating positive and lasting change in Frederick County, this project has come to fruition.


Human Needs Assessment Executive Summary PDF document- Click HERE to download

Human Needs Assessment Full Report PDF Document - Click HERE to download


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