Years ago, I attempted to explain to my seven year-old what the Community Foundation does and how generous people start charitable funds to benefit others in Frederick County. 


Since the beginning of December, I have acquired a bad case of writer’s cramp!  My fingers are stiff, my writing is getting sloppy, and I now have a big bump on my middle finger from my pen.

So what has caused my latest malady?

Gift giving has been in the spotlight as we’ve moved through the holiday season.  Stores have gifts at reduced prices.  Kids asked for gifts in their letters to Santa.  Solicitations for charitable gifts overflowed our mailboxes. But what about the giving of gifts throughout the year that don’t involve spending money.

Juggling a lot of different tasks and keeping them all on track is a skill that our Community Foundation team exercises every day. Currently, we are finishing up the fall grantsmaking cycle that utilized our first online grant application.  Feedback from the nonprofit applicants has been very positive, with a few expressing surprise at the new process’s ease and convenience. 

I love a good story.  Stories about our donors’ loved ones memorialized in our funds often bring me to tears, and the reasons behind generous and thoughtful gifts make me thankful. Anecdotes from our grantees about the impact that they have made warm my heart, and thank you notes from our scholars give me intense hope for our future.

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