At our 25th anniversary celebration last November, the Community Foundation announced its first-time strategic grants to address homelessness, youth services, and the provision of healthcare. The grants were based on the Community Foundation’s Human Needs Assessment Study completed last August. This inaugural round of financial assistance to Frederick County nonprofits was the first step in focusing our wide funding lens on particular areas that we want to positively impact.

A few weeks ago, I wore jeans to work.  Not “nice” jeans, but jeans that were worn and comfortable.  I also put on my work boots, barn coat, gloves, and hat. 

I have a “kitchen cabinet.” Not the kind that hangs on the wall, but one that consists of friends and family who give me free, sometimes unsolicited advice to help me gain clarity on an issue or to put some weight on the scales of my Libra deliberations.

The Community Foundation just celebrated its 25th anniversary of creating positive impact in Frederick County.  Yes, it is our silver anniversary, but to the volunteers who have served as trustees over the years, it’s golden.

I don’t like to get into semantics.  In fact, I love words…word puzzles, writing letters, reading novels, a good play on words…but I don’t like to debate words. 

I have had a series of funny conversations over the past week regarding “friends.”  When growing up, a friend was someone I knew from school or the neighborhood and I would spend time with in the classroom, church, or scouting, or just goofing around. 

Have you heard that the Community Foundation is finishing its county-wide human needs assessment?  Yes, the results of the needs assessment and the Community Foundation’s plans to address some of the identified needs will be announced on Monday, August 29 at 10:00 a.m. at the Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center.  The public is invited and we hope to see you there! (Please click here to R.S.V.P.)

One of our donors has a real passion for helping youth who have lived in foster care or who have lacked caring adults in their lives.  In particular, she has a keen desire to assist young people as they become self-sustaining and self-sufficient through education and job-skills training.

I don’t have a filing system; I have a piling system.  Files for projects I am working on are labeled in folders and piled in categories on my desk, such as “must be done this week,” “waiting for someone to get back to me,” and “in preparation for the next board meeting.”

She’s got to be kidding, right?  New Year’s Day isn’t until January 1st, unless you work for the Community Foundation. 

Our annual scholarship reception was held on June 12th at the Frederick Fairground’s e-ventplex, with over 550 donors, scholars, family members, Scholarship Committee members, volunteers, trustees and staff in attendance.  The room was electric with excitement as scholarship fund founders met the scholars who are receiving financial support from their respective funds. 

“What’s keeping you up at night?”  That’s one of my favorite questions to ask when I talk with CEOs of Frederick County nonprofits.  While it may seem like a fairly inquisitive, almost intrusive question, it gets to the heart of what I need to know to help the Community Foundation create broader positive impact, especially in areas of new or emerging concerns.

I won!  I won!  I won $7.50 on a slot machine at the Atlantis in the Bahamas on a machine called “Kitty Glitter.”   In exchange for about 10 quarters, I received $10.00 back, which is a 300 percent return on my investment. Was this skill or just plain dumb luck?  I vote for plain dumb luck.

The credit card commercials asking “what’s in your wallet?” crack me up.  In case you haven’t seen them, the commercial depicts barbarians from the Middle Ages ransacking present day scenarios.  The point of the commercial is to ask if the credit card you are carrying meets your financial needs.  It’s not so much the name of the card, but what that particular credit card company can do for you.

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