Grant Money is Rolling Along!

Betsy.Day.2014.smallRolling – saying the word rolls off your tongue, and it can mean many things. It’s the action, motion, or sound of anything that rolls or moves by revolving. It’s the rolling landscape of Frederick County as it rises and falls in gentle slopes and clouds roll through the sky. It also refers to things that rock or sway, turn or fold over, and can produce a deep, continuous sound. Read more...

So what does “rolling” mean in relation to Community Foundation grants? We currently have more than $225,000 available to qualifying organizations in “rolling grants.” It simply means that the grant money will “roll” until all funds are distributed, or through June 30, 2016. It’s grant money that can be applied for anytime, rather than only through a specific grant application period.

Grants from 15 different funds can support projects ranging from environmental preservation, agriculture, extraordinary medical needs, urban gardening, substance abuse rehabilitation, job skills training, elder care, and much more. It might make the difference in carryout a special project for your organization, or helping someone who finds themselves and their family dealing with unexpected medical emergencies, housing, and utility assistance.

Where does this money come from? Some of these funds were created by generous donors who had a specific purpose in mind and wanted to provide a helping hand. Other funds on this list were created as “field of interest” funds by the Community Foundation to support things like the environment, human services, recreation, and more.

If you are affiliated with a local nonprofit organization, please visit for complete details and information about applying. Questions may be directed to Pilar Olivo, Director of Community Impact, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you’re in our “generous donor” category, I encourage to visit the page listed above and look at all the funds with rolling grants. I think you’ll find the variety of opportunities for nonprofits intriguing. You might even be inspired to support one of these funds, or, start your own, because it’s For Good. Forever. For Frederick County.

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