What's "REAL" at the Community Foundation?

Betsy.Day.2014.smallThe Community Foundation just celebrated its 29th year, and more than 300 donors and grantees gathered at the FSK Holiday Inn and Conference Center for its Annual Report to the Community. Read more.....

We chose the theme "It's REAL" as a way to demonstrate that every grant and scholarship provided makes a real difference in the lives of countless people in Frederick County. Here are some highlights. A copy of our FY2015 annual report can be found at www.FrederickCountyGives.org.

The generosity of Frederick County donors is $8.5 million REAL! That's how much was received in FY2015 from more than 2,000 donors in support of one or more of the 676 Community Foundation component funds. The reality of $8.5 million received (and added to our existing endowment) and the 5 percent annual spending policy (on average) from the funds translated to $4.5 million invested back into the community in grants and scholarships. Some of the most supported grant areas were health and human services, educational programs, and faith-based organizations. The areas of youth programs and civic and cultural organizations, while smaller in grant support, still packed a punch of reality for those who benefitted.

For the third consecutive year, 272 students received REAL scholarships for the 2014-2015 academic year that exceed a half-million dollars. Totaling more than $552,000, the scholarships helped students pursue studies ranging from agriculture to architecture, and nursing to engineering. Their degrees, when completed, will help them obtain REAL employment and become productive citizens.

So, when we say grants and scholarships make many things REAL for thousands of people in Frederick County, we really mean it. Their reality is a scholarship that makes the difference in furthering their education or not, or a grant that supports temporary housing because they've fallen on hard times. Other realities bring mistreated animals back to health, or provides people access to health care and specialty services that are otherwise unavailable. Lives are changed and improved, the arts are supported, historic preservation is promoted, our seniors are assisted through elder care programs, civic causes get a leg-up, agriculture grows, the environment is conserved and protected, and youth programs help children and teenagers mature and learn. For every person touched through a scholarship or grant, "It's REAL" to them.

Thank you for being a REAL supporter of the Community Foundation. Because you care, REAL causes are connected to REAL donors and this makes a REAL difference in our community every single day. It is For Good. Forever. For Frederick County.

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