Spring has sprung!

betsy dayI am feeling poetic today. Hope you enjoy my brief summary of what’s happening at the Community Foundation this month!

Spring has sprung.
The grass is green
Trees are budding
Gone is winter’s scene.

Taxes due.
Accountants recommending
Charitable giving
For donors’ spending.

Donor meetings take place
Intentions are stated.
Fund agreements are signed.
Donors are elated!

Scholarship season.
Applications were due.
Aspiring college careers
For donors to buy into.

Athletic camp grants.
For each deserving student.
Want to give to everyone,
But decisions must be prudent.

Rolling grants
Without a due date.
Funding available
until it’s too late.

Getting ready
For the fall grant cycle
Important grantee training
Is not a trifle.

Recruiting four trustees
For the Class of 2017.
They come on board
just prior to Halloween.

Sending invitations
To the Cornerstone luncheon
Special recognition and thanks are given
at this annual function.

Widening Circles donors
Send in their generous gifts.
Each envelope we open
makes our spirits lift.

Reviewing grantee reports.
Checking the all the facts.
Making sure our donors’ dollars
are used according to the contracts.

            Then there’s the regular monthly
            Meetings and such.
            Time doesn’t stand still for
            our committees very much.

Taking nothing for granted
And honored by their trust
It’s our generous donors
Thank them, we must!

            So spring has sprung.
            There’s a lot to do.
            We know the impact we create
            is because of all of YOU!


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