The word of the day is….

betsy dayI like words. Writing words. Speaking words. Playing word games. Having my own personal “word of the day.”

I choose a word each morning and try to use it as often as possible during the day. Additionally, I listen carefully to see how many times those around me use my chosen word. It’s my own personal game with myself as the only player.

I am constantly amazed at all the places where I find my word of the day.

For example, today’s word of the day is “rolling.”

And, so my day started out listening for opportunities to use and to hear “rolling” in my communications.

My first “rolling” was during a phone call on my way to work (no worries…I used my Bluetooth) to an attorney who is settling an estate that will create a fund with the Community Foundation. It was early, and the legal assistant said that the attorney wasn’t in the office yet but he should be “rolling” in shortly. I smiled to myself and asked the assistant to leave a message for the attorney to call me later.

I then met with staff who updated me on some committee activities and in particular how well the Women’s Giving Circle Grants Committee meeting went the prior evening. It seems that this particular committee is “rolling” along smoothly, with the grant application scheduled to go live on our website on February 3rd. Part of our job is to keep grants committees “rolling” so that all nonprofits have a chance to apply for grants and all nonprofits are considered equally in grant deliberations.

A little while later, I was interviewed as a part of Comcast’s Newsmakers program, which addressed the Community Foundation’s current “rolling” grant applications. A rolling grant is one in which the application has no due date. Nonprofits can apply until all the money is given out. At the beginning of the next fiscal year, the rolling grant applications re-open and nonprofits may apply again. Our Secret Santa Fund, Holly Hale Palmer Memorial Fund, and Health Fund for Frederick County Youth will be awarding more than $67,000 over the next months to help Frederick County residents who need a hand up, individuals with bipolar and seizure disorders, and children with extraordinary medical expenses.

The Community Foundation is undertaking a project with the help of Techs on Loan to map community resources that help children be ready for school at age 5. The online survey for nonprofits who provide services in this area is now open, with this project expected to be “rolled” up in two weeks.

It’s almost time for me to end my work day, and I was noticing that our “rolling” blinds in the conference room are back up after being used to darken the room so that the PowerPoint presentation in an earlier meeting could be seen easily.

Pretty soon I will be “rolling” home. I won’t know what tomorrow’s word of the day is going to be, because I won’t know until I wake up. Then it will hit me like a lightning bolt of thought, and my personal game of “word of the day” will start all over.

Whatever the word of the day is for tomorrow or in the generations that follow, please know that the Community Foundation will continue to "roll out" grants and scholarships from many different directions that are always For Good. Forever. For Frederick County.


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