Faith, Hope and Love at the Community Foundation

Betsy.santa.xsmallHoliday music is playing, lights adorn our windows, and our society has now officially entered the season emphasizing faith, hope and love.

Faith, Hope and Love…this just isn’t just a season or a six-week period for us. We see these embodied throughout the year in the faces of our donors, in the actions of our grantees and scholars, and in the stewardship of our trustees and staff.

Faith, Hope and Love…in the following ways:




Our donors have faith in the Community Foundation’s abilities to fulfill their charitable intentions now and after their lifetimes.


Our trustees have faith in our staff to administer the Community Foundation’s day-to-day operations efficiently and effectively.


Our Scholarship Committee’s faith in the upcoming generation is renewed as they review scholarship applications and hear from students with high aspirations for their education and for making Frederick County a better place for all.



Our Grants Committee feels hope as they make strategic grants decisions to create positive impact.


Our donors have a great amount of hope as they thoughtfully start their funds to make a difference.


Many donors show their hope that the Community Foundation’s work will expand and continue through their gifts to the annual Widening Circles Society campaign.



Out of love, families perpetuate the memory of their loved ones through the funds that they start in their names.


Love for their community is why our annual Wertheimer Fellows for Excellence in Volunteerism accomplish all that they do.


We love and appreciate our donors who help us award grants and scholarships and we love their excitement when they meet their grantees and/or scholars.

Faith, Hope and Love at the Community Foundation is abundant throughout the year in a myriad of ways that are For Good. Forever. For Frederick County.

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