www.FrederickCountyGives.org and Gives, and Gives, and Gives……

betsy dayThe Community Foundation’s domain name of cffredco.org has never been easy to remember or say. If you look at it sideways, you can see The Community Foundation of Frederick County in the name, but that means getting the letters placing the letters in the correct order (and maybe tilting your head to the left or right).

For telephone callers, we learned to give our web address very clearly and sloooowly, but half the time the callers heard ZffredZo.org. Thankfully, this incorrect web address goes nowhere on the Internet, so our potential embarrassment is minimized.

We even tried military lingo to give web address out.

            Charlie   Foxtrot   Foxtrot   Romeo   Echo   Delta   Charlie   Oscar   Dot   O-R-G  

Sorry, but it just doesn’t roll off the tongue unless you are wearing fatigues or camo.

In talking about our domain name with our marketing committee, the committee members recognized that cffredco.org doesn’t really tell what we are or our mission to connect people who care with causes that matter. After brainstorming and bouncing all kinds of ideas around, the committee recommended that our domain name reflect what we are all about.

We recently introduced our new web address and domain name.


We really like it. Not only because it’s simple to say and remember but also

Because it’s what we do…we serve as a catalyst for charitable giving in Frederick County.

Because it’s what we are…we are the place to recognize significant gifts that enhance life for all of us.

Because it’s how we have been successful…only through the generosity of thousands of donors, living and passed, have we been able to provide more than $31 million back to the community in grants and scholarships since our inception in 1986.

So when you see our new domain name - FrederickCountyGives.org – think about the funds that were started by who gave and who gives, such as

  • James Main who gave through his estate provisions to provide scholarships to Brunswick High School scholar/athletes
  • SAIC who gave in honor of Michelle Shearer, National Teacher of the Year, to create a scholarship for college students pursuing a STEM career
  • The Bar Association of Frederick County who gave to ensure the availability of competent legal representation for Frederick County residents regardless of their ability to pay
  • Gale Recovery, Inc.’s Board of Directors who gave to ensure operating support for the organization
  • Michael and Sheryl LaRoi who gave in memory of their daughter Christine for scholarships to Urbana High School graduates
  • Jean and Jack Brunk who gave in memory of Jean’s mother to foster independence for Frederick County senior citizens
  • The family of Dr. Harding W. Olson who gave in his memory to purchase prescriptions for Frederick County Health Department Mental Health Services patients
  • Bess and Frank Gladhill who gave to support the Community Foundation’s operations

With over 650 funds and more than 10,000 donors, these are just a few examples of Frederick County residents who gave and who give in ways that are For Good. Forever. For Frederick County.

Please change your records to show our web address as www.FrederickCountyGives.com. Our email addresses have also changed to staff’s first initial DOT last name @FrederickCountyGives.org.  Example:       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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